1st urban art festival in Lleida

April 10-18, 2021 in the Historic Center

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Festival Lleida _potFest 2021

From April 10 to 18, 2021, the first edition of the Lleida Urban Art Festival was held. Come to the Historic Center to share and enjoy how the walls of the neighborhood have been filled with art and color. For nine days, different artists gave a new life to different facades and have left us a part of them and their art.

As part of the Festival schedule, from 12 to 18 April 2021 we enjoyed the art of five artists on the walls of the Historical Center. Different styles, varied techniques and a great passion for his work. The result of his work has beautified the neighborhood and gave new life to its walls.


Born in Almeria and currently living in Copenhagen. Urban illustrator and artist. His first contact with graffiti was in late 1999 and he instantly fell in love with this dangerous and unhealthy but colorful utensil spitting paint. Illustration and characters have been his main passion, always with irony, a touch of melancholy and trying to contextualize with a background story. Unbeknownst to him, over the years he began to travel and seeing that he has friends halfway around the planet only makes him even more passionate about urban art. You can find some of its murals and walls of stained glass in Nian Xian, passing through Ciudad Juárez, Djerba, Düsseldorf, Almeria and Naples.

Born in a town in the interior of Galicia, from an early age she drew books and filled everything else with a pen. She became interested in drawing figures and faces, analyzing expressions and what to say with very little. She never attended private lessons, she is considered mainly self-taught. It was in 2016 when muralism stumbled on her way thanks to introductory workshops and from there it began to explore new worlds. She loves to draw volume through simple lines, playing with the different textures you have to explain on paper. Her palette is mostly monochrome, also using unsaturated and slightly shrill colors. She currently works as a freelance illustrator and mural artist.

Urban artist and Social Educator, born and residing in Lleida. His work focuses mainly on the stencil technique (template) although he does not miss the opportunity to discover and practice other muralism techniques. Provide more color where it is needed and generate a reaction, a change or at least, not leave indifferent. Growing at the same rate as large projects, large initiatives, with great enthusiasm and without losing the essence, believes in those around him and values everything that can offer, believes in the value of what you do and what you can show the rest. Social and cultural projects and initiatives with values shared by his own, are in the forefront of his performance, believing in what they do makes it easier for him because of what he can contribute. Believe in your closest environment, in someone who tells you about a project with passion, in social networks when they are used correctly, in those who have lived for many years from what fills them and in those who have dreams and know how to transmit them with motivation. He has painted throughout much of Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia since 2009, he has also collaborated artistically with refugees in Athens and has been able to nurture himself by painting with great muralists and urban artists in Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Colombia during 2017. Member of the Creativitats Urbanes Transformadores association with whom he carries out projects to promote urban art and bring it closer to all possible groups, especially at risk of social exclusion and in rural areas.

Elisa Capdevila (1994) is a painter and muralist from Barcelona. She began training in classical drawing and painting at the age of twenty after leaving a career in science. She made her first mural the following year and discovered in this artistic discipline a very powerful form of communication that caught her immediately. As an urban artist, her work is imbued with the great interest that the artist shows in human issues, such as personal relationships, intimacy and everyday life. She investigates these themes through very varied images, although always within a figurative perspective, paying special attention to the chromatic harmony, as well as to the plastic resources of each material used. She is currently focused on making murals as part of festivals or private commissions. Between trips, Elisa Capdevila works on canvas in her studio located in Barcelona. At the national level she has painted murals in Barcelona, Zaragoza, Oviedo, Córdoba, Extremadura and Valencia, among other places. Internationally, her participation in festivals in Iceland and India stands out. In 2019 she has been part of the Homeless collective exhibition portal as well as at the Juxtapoz 25th Birthday Collective Show, both in Miami, and exhibited in Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.

Self-taught plastic artist, born in Linares (Jaén). From a very young age, he had the initiative to stay creative at all times and in all aspects, this same concern remains until his high school years where he studied the artistic baccalaureate in the city of Jaén. After trying to adapt to an obsolete artistic education program, he decides to desert and search through libraries, museums and other experimental features to give way to the inventiveness that lay in his mind. At present this artist already has an extensive curriculum, recognized worldwide for his hyperrealistic spray technique, without the need to use grids, projectors or templates, the improvement of a technique that would give him the recognition of what now enjoys, undoubtedly reveals the practice and perseverance of an artist devoted to his art and his vision. His sculptural and pictorial works have been exhibited throughout Spain and around the world, in museums, galleries and exterior walls. Belin describes this experience juxtaposing "Post Neo Cubism" styles, in homage to the work of Pablo Picasso at the origin of his creative turning point.