Lleida urban art festival

From March 27 to April 2 in the Cappont neighborhood

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We welcome you to Lleida _potFest!

From March 27 to April 2, 2023 we will celebrate the third edition of the Lleida urban art festival _potFest. In this edition we will meet in the Cappont neighborhood! We are waiting for you! Don't forget to stop by the Historic Center and the Bordeta neighborhood to enjoy the works from previous editions!


1- Sabotaje al Montaje
Pere Cabrera, 5
2 - Dadospuntocero
Jaume II, 69
3- Amaia Arrazola
Doctora Castells, s/n
4 - Vinie
Doctor Zamemmenhoff, 6
5 -Oriol Arumí
Avinguda President Josep Tarradellas, 30

Matías Mata (Sabotaje al Montaje) was born on the island of Lanzarote in 1973, a few years later he moved to the neighborhood of Escaletes, in the city of La Palmes in Gran Canaria. There, in 1990, he started with the art of graffiti painting in different neighborhoods until two years later he got the first prize in the 1st Urban Art Competition city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Years later, he entered the School of Arts and Crafts, finishing his studies in 1998, in the Advanced cycle of Advertising Graphics. At the age of 26, he began university studies in Fine Arts at the University of La Llacuna (Santa Creu de Tenerife), graduating in 2003.


His first projects were developed through social participation and urban art, carrying out various interventions in public spaces such as the Añaza and Now Barris neighborhoods (Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Barcelona, respectively). His commitment to the large format of mural graffiti during the following years of work led him to obtain an entry to the 1st international urban arts competition Artap festival Paris & Berlin in 2010. His work spans from the private sphere to to public entities, including museums such as the CAAM (contemporary art center of the palms of Gran Canaria). Invited to renowned national and international festivals, where his signature Sabotaje al montaje reaches several cities in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Vitoria, Lleida, Valencia, Asturias, Seville, Malaga, Toledo, etc.) and international countries such as Senegal , Argentina, Jordan, Norway, Italy, England, France, Colombia, USA. His work has been based on giving visibility to social and environmental problems through a daily and current representation; his most transgressive side, figurative or abstract art, is a fusion of design and abstraction where he narrates sequences of his life and what surrounds him and where color is the protagonist, a fact in all his works.

Born in Toulouse, Vinie has been drawing and painting since childhood. But it was in high school that he tackled walls, when she met the "AH Crew" in 2001. During this period, he only painted letters. Jams and other themed frescoes push him to branch out into the creation of sets and characters. A position as artistic director brought her to Paris in 2007. When she arrived, she intuitively turned to more personal figurative work.


She exhibited on the walls of the capital a female character recognizable by her explosive hairstyle, made of tags, flops and various dedications, and tried her best to take advantage of the environment, in particular the vegetation present, to create her works . Together with her visual artist friend Anti, she made her first sculptures in 2016 and 2019. Currently, she participates in international urban art festivals and exhibits his imaginary character all over the world. Thus,s he combines her two passions: painting and travel.

David Esteban Hernández (León, 1984) is known professionally as 'Dadospuntocero'. He started in the artistic world and muralism 23 years ago in a self-taught way after studying the Baccalaureate at the School of Art in León. At the same time, he pursued higher studies in Social Work but without ever abandoning his great vocation, muralism, which is capable of converting all kinds of spaces with a spray.


His educational and vocational duality for art and social sensibility allow him to reinterpret the contexts in which he intervenes from a very personal and close view of the public and the context to which his works are intended. His artistic personality plays with a great technical mastery of perspective that suits large spaces and shapes and corners; to the color, the depth and this three-dimensional vision that in their fusion generate this unique and personal imprint. His firm, Dadospuntocero, is behind many of the great works that in recent years have begun to fill the walls of many corners of his native environment with art, both nationally and internationally. He has carried out numerous artistic interventions in both private and public projects, as well as participated in different competitions, calls, festivals and exhibitions, being awarded on different occasions.

Amaia Arrazola (Vitoria, 1984) studied Advertising and Public Relations at the Complutense University of Madrid and for a time worked as an art director in the advertising sector. In 2010 she moved to Barcelona to start her career as a freelance professional illustrator and little by little she settled down and developed her creative projects, alternating advertising illustration with editorial drawing and mural work large format.


In recent years she has collaborated with numerous clients (Vueling, Coca-Cola, Movistar, Nike, University of Barcelona, Adidas, Uniqlo...), has participated in urban art festivals, painted murals in places near and far, he has given talks and conferences, and published several books, including Petita & Grande. Audrey Hepburn (Alba) and Things you will never forget about your Erasmus (Lunwerg). In 2017 she was in Matsudo (Japan) thanks to an artistic grant from Paradise Air; from that residence was born Wabi sabi (Lunwerg), where she narrates her personal experiences in Japan. Motherhood also inspired a book: The meteorite (Lunwerg, 2020).

Oriol Arumí 1972, Vic. He started in the world of art as a child, as an illustrator. He made the leap to oil painting while studying Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Lover of nature, for twenty years he painted countless landscapes, but also portraits and his own work straddling realism and fantasy. In the last twelve years, and coinciding with moving to live in Lleida, he took the leap to mural painting.


Oriol Arumí's murals have a great visual impact, with a very realistic style, they are designed to attract the attention of citizens, and aim to make people think, give a voice to minority groups, healthy ways of life, to recover historical memory, to transmit surprise, culture and joy, and in short to recover spaces that were once natural and that the passage of consumerist man has transformed into grey, ugly and monotonous places.