Behind _potFest there are many hours of work, many efforts and many illusions. Here we introduce you to our team!


Carles Hernàndez

Director. Artistic Project Manager And Number One Dragon Ball Fan. Passionate about art and a job well done.



Coordinator of workshops and runners. Trained in graphic arts, he has been practicing the visual arts since 2014. In his works, the idea comes first over the form, although he cannot leave aside aesthetics in his work, he says that these are his skills acquired in the world of design.


Txus Montejano

Runner. Muralist since 2009 and lifelong artist. She is dedicated to making the world more beautiful and achieving the best version of herself.


Diego Rada

Runner. Sound and audiovisual technician by profession, lover of vinyl records and second-hand markets by vocation.


Matias Tolsà

Graphic design. Argentinian-Leridan illustrator and caricaturist. He is also director of the Ermengol School in Lleida and responsible for


Àlex Martínez

Graphic design. Designer and illustrator at his studio Maleïda Studio. Passionate about any form of art, he writes comics when life lets him.


Rafa Ariño

photography. Multidisciplinary photographer who has never been separated from the camera since the age of fourteen. Loving to shoot and then ask, to shoot less and look more.